Clubs and Organizations  
Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

E3 Club

Preschool Creation Station Club - Simpson

Kindergarten Arts and Craft Club - Pierce

Kindergarten Book Inspired Snacks and Cooking Club- Wester

Kindergarten Build It Club - Whidden

Kindergarten Drawing Club - Luster

Kindergarten Lego Club - Morton

Kindergarten Ooey Gooey Concoction Club - Dove

Kindergarten Pet Club - Riley

1st Grade Creation Station - Davenport

1st Grade Watercolor Club - Beacham

1st Grade Watercolor Club - Burns

1st Grade Watercolor Club - Greer

1st Grade Watercolor Club - Schmidt

2nd and 3rd Grade Board Games - Libb

2nd and 3rd Grade Go Out Club - Shivers

2nd and 3rd Grade Legos - Davis

2nd and 3rd Grade Mandala Coloring - Summersett

2nd and 3rd Grade Origami Club - Barnes

2nd and 3rd Grade Puzzle Club - Colquitt

2nd and 3rd Grade Stretch Club - Matthews

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade Chess Club - Scelsi/Holman

4th and 5th Grade Dance Club - Hocutt

4th and 5th Grade Engineering Club - Harrison

4th and 5th Grade Farming Club - Frye

4th and 5th Grade Gardening Club - Vaughn

4th and 5th Grade Running Club - Green

4th and 5th Grade Singing Club - Pruitt

4th and 5th Grade Wilderness Survival Skills Club - Hinshaw

4th and 5th Grade Yearbook Club - Carver

4th and 5th Grade Stretch Club - Ferguson