September PTO Meeting Minutes
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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

POE PTO Board Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2017

8:15 am-9:15 am


Meeting called to order by President Shelley Griffis


Attendance: Shelley Griffis, Shannon White, LaTanya Dawson, Aimee Pierce, Ashley Douglas, jenny Templin, Kelly Windham, Chase Holden, Kathryn Esquivel, Angie Hester and Leia Tucker


·         Membership’s Report – Given by Kelly Windham

o   We currently have 120 members, 32 who are faculty/staff. We need to work on increasing that number.


·         Treasurer’s Report – Given by Kim Cripps

o   We currently have over $37000. Our recent earnings include $36 from the sale of a dog crate that was in our storage unit, $2100 in membership fees and $116 from the Meet the Teacher day Spirit Sale. Our recent expenditures include more than $9000 on grounds, $2300 on teacher gift cards, $215 on hospitality, $3000 on copier maintenance, and $3400 in open purchase orders which include hospitality purchases and school welcome mats. Also, the keypad for the lunchroom door will cost $5000.


·         Fundraising’s Report – Given by Kathryn Esquivel

o   We will be holding a Box Tops competition from September 11-September 22. There will be a classroom winner for each grade level that will receive a popcorn party. And there will be an Auburn vs. Alabama theme. Shelley will inquire whether Mrs. McRae can provide an update over the intercom every morning. Leia will announce it on Facebook. Kathryn will distribute collection bags to teacher boxes today.

o   Fun Run update from Shelley Griffis

§  Fun Run donation requests letters have been sent to area businesses and we have gotten a few responses. Ashley Douglas, Kathryn Esquivel and Shelley will follow up with a personal visit next week. The theme will be Monster Dash and it will be on October 31.

o   Santa Shop update from Kelly Windham

§  We need a co-chair. Aimee Pierce volunteered and Ashley Douglas offered to help. Santa Shop will run from Wednesday, Nov 29-Tuesday, Dec 5 with a clean-up day on Wednesday, Dec 6. Inventory will need to be ordered by the end of October.


·         Volunteering Report – Given by LaTanya Dawson

o   LaTanya expects that the database will be complete by the end of the day.

§  Shelley commented that we need to consolidate our forms (request for volunteers and room parent forms) for next year.

o   The board voted to start the Tuesday for Teachers program to provide workroom help for the teachers using volunteers.

o   LaTanya will talk to Melanie Sherer today regarding volunteer needs for Fall pictures.

o   Kathryn Esquivel asked if volunteers for the Fun Run would need background checks. Mr. Holden said he would look into it.


·         Hospitality Report – Given by Aimee Pierce

o   Aimee said that next week’s Faculty/Staff Appreciation Brunch Lunch is looking good! Most of the food requests have been covered and we have plenty of volunteers.

o   The teachers loved the coffee cart! Aimee hopes that we can offer that once a month. She needs to get a date approved for this month, maybe September 28.


·         Secretary – Given by Leia Tucker

o   She needs everyone’s newsletter submissions by Friday, September 8. She hopes to have it in teacher boxes by Tuesday, September 12. She needs a Spanish translator. Ashley Douglas offered to ask a friend.

o   She talked about our new PTO e-mail address and Instagram account.


·         President’s Report – Shelley Griffis

o   She would like to have another social event like last month’s breakfast, maybe a lunch meet up at Veteran’s Park on Valleydale Rd.  She will look into this and get back to the board



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